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                                  Proudly standing Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon is now owned by Williams Sport Horses! 

If you have a Harvest Moon foal please contact us to let us know how they're doing!  Pictures are always welcome!

1997 16.2h Performance Horse Registered and American Appendix Horse Association Registered Thoroughbred Stallion

Absolut (Landcaster Avenue) x Skim The Moon.

Accomplishments and Offspring

Harvest Moon is an International Hunter Futurity Finals Champion, and was second at Devon.  He won on the line every year that he was shown.  This proven hunter sire passes on his impeccable conformation, elegant movement and beautiful, quiet temperament.  His consistently gorgeous and willing offspring have been Champions at Devon, the International Hunter Futurity, prestigious state Hunter Furturities, and show great promise in their first outings in the hunter ring.  An injury he sustained as a youngster brought his competitive career to an early end, but he is now making a legacy for himself by way of his well accomplished and consistently superb offspring. 


Harvest Moon is one of the only standing sons of the legendary Thoroughbred hunter sire Absolut (Lancaster Avenue) and Skim The Moon, one of the foremost hunter broodmares in the US.  Absolut, a hunter champion himself, has produced a great number of top hunter champions, both on the line, and in the toughest of company over fences.  Harvest Moon most certainly proves an unparalleled opportunity to Canadian and American breeers to avail of these precious and prized hunter bloodlines.


Harvest Moon is truely the spitting image of his sire, Absolut.  He is elegant, but full-bodied, sporting great substance and bone.  Of particular note, his long elegant neck with a clean throatlatch maintains strength and fullness throughout, and he passes this, a long with his beautifully balanced topline, with perfect proportion through the back, on to each of his foals. He has long elegant legs, a powerful hind end, and excellent feet.  This flawless hunter package is topped off with a remarkably expressive face, and a very kind, large eye.  Harvest Moon is a wonderful choice for a mare needing improvement and more balanced conformation. 

Movement and Form

Harvest Moon displays gorgeous, flat-kneed, elegant hunter movement.  He truely sports the highest quality of classic, winning hunter type Thoroughbred manner, with a genuinely lovely trot and canter.  As his previous injury at a young age limits his ability to work over fences, one can use the quality of his sire and dam, full siblings, and his other close relations to get an excellent idea of his form.  His full sibling is a talanted Children's Hunter mount on the A circuit in the US.  His other half-siblings are showing absolutely tremendous form over fences as they begin their own careers in the show ring.  Most importantlly, his sire Absolut throws his magnificent form over fences to his offsprong over and over.  One can certainly feel confident that with his excellent hunter type conformation and his fantastic genes that he would be stunning over a fence.


"Harvey" has a phenomenally sweet, winning attitude.  Affectionate and calm, he is truly a wondeful gentleman to work with.  We're thrilled to hear that owners of Harvest Moon babies are blown away by their remarkably laid-back natures.  Furthermore, they've each been easy to start, very eager and willing.  In fact, many are started by their amateur owners! 

Foal Registration and Approvals

Foals are eligible for registration with the Performance Horse Registry, and Harvest Moon can again be nominated to the International Hunter Futurity if there is sufficient interest.  Registration with the PHR allows full access to line and breeding classes.

2020 Stud Fees

Stud Fee is $1000.00 Canadian!  Includes $200.00 non-refundable booking fee and first collection.  Live Foal Guarantee, live cover or fresh cooled shipped semen.  Collections available 7 days a week.


Because of the significant pasture injury that Harvest Moon sustained as a youngster, it is difficult to get a video of him that adequately shows his movement.  Below is a brief video done in Jan 2012 of Harvest Moon.