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December 25/22

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! I hope everyone is having a safe and warm holiday season despite this crazy storm!!

The foals are not too bothered by this weather, they were keen to go out into it this morning and play!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and very happy new year!!

November 20/22

We were so excited to get these updated pictures of Don Quixote WSH from his owner Sarah Gardner! Don Quixote has always been a handsome guy, but it's so great to see him maturing into such a stunning horse! Don Quixote is by Don Frederico out of our foundation mare Eclipse (Ehrentusch)

November 13/22

So proud of the lovely Quidditch WSH and his big day at the RAWF competing in the Cup Classes! Quidditch is a Hanoverian by Quaterhall out of Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon).

The Royal is always such an big and overwhelming environment for a young horse to be in, but such great life experience! Quidditch had some tension in the Governor General Cup Class, but was much more relaxed in the Lieutenant Generals Cup Class and placed 8th!

It is always such an honour to qualify and compete at this prestigious event against some of the top bred horses in Canada.

Congratulations to all the competitors!!

October 11/22

We are so excited and honored to have one of our foals named Top Ten in Canada by the Hanoverian Verband! Beyond Question by Benicio via embryo transfer out of premium mare Quater Twist WSH (Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir) has received one of the Albert Kley Top Ten foal awards!  This is premium mare Quater Twists first foal presented at inspections with the annual awards (annual awards were on hold due to Covid restrictions) and we couldn't be more proud of what she is producing!!

October 10/22

What a great day Quagmire WSH had yesterday at his first show!! He was so well behaved, and after a nervous first test he pulled it together and had a solid Gold second training level test under Krystin Anderson scoring just over 66%. This boy is just 4 years old, and just started w/t/c in May by Krystin.

Quagmire WSH is by Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir, and is owned by Julie Nadeau.  We love seeing our foals grown up and starting their careers as great citizens!!

September 3/22

We are very happy with how our foals did this year at their Hanoverian inspection!!

Beyond Question WSH by Benicio out of Quater Twist WSH (Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir, via embryo transfer to recipient mare Gracie) had a great day with many compliments from the judging panel. He was awarded Gold Medal foal and finished Reserve Champion foal!

Corvina Noir WSH by Cadeau Noir out of Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) also had a great day! The inspecters were impressed with her movement, but would have preferred if she had a little more feminine of a neck set....rather than having her sires neck! don't tell her she looks like a colt!!

Unfortunately momma Godiva was foot sore and so we made the decision to scratch her foal Verkade WSH (Von und Zu/Glorioso Noir/Ehrentusch). We were disappointed we couldn't bring him, but he will be registered at a later date.

July 24/22

Quater Twist WSH competed with amateur owner Naomi Williams at the Caledon Dressage Gold show, first level, and won her first class with a score of 70.5%.  Her second class she had some slight tension and still scored over 68%!  Quater Twist is proving to be a valuable sport horse and exceptional mare for breeding purposes. She had a 2022 foal through a recipient mare by Benicio while continuing to compete.  The same weekend of the competition she was bred again to Benicio, but unfortunately did not produce an embryo.  It does show how sensible and versatile Quater Twist is to be competing successfully while also being bred.  Keep an eye on her for both future foals and in sport! 

June 25/22

Wruby delivered a beautiful black filly by Cadeau Noir!!  We have been hoping for a filly from Wruby to retain for sport and future breeding purposes! This little lady has been named Corvina Noir WSH and is a sweet as she is beautiful! Watch for her in the future!!

June 14/22

Godiva WSH delivered her first foal by the young stallion Von und Zu!  This robust foal is a mini Von und Zu!  We expect a bright dressage future for this little man! Godiva is being an excellent first time mom and her colt is growing strong! He will be available for sale, inquire if interested! 

June 5/22

I had the pleasure of watching Forastero in her first ever class at the Caledon Dressage gold show this weekend!! She had an excellent first outing with a wonderful score!

Forastero was bred by Williams Sport Horses and is by Fabregas out of a Canadian warmblood mare Cadbury.

Great job to Kristy Gasparini for doing a beautiful job building her confidence at her very first show!!

May 30/22

Quater Twist WSH's foal by Benicio, carried by recipient mare Gracie has arrived!!  This colt is a stunning boy, with the sweetest of temperaments.  We couldn't be happier with him, he is a correct boy, with big movement and big presence. He has some incredible markings and a beautiful face, which inspired his name Beyond Question WSH. He has sold to a local dressage rider, and we can't wait to see them in the show ring one day!!

Sept 15/21

We are excited to announce that we have 3 exciting foals coming for 2022! With so many exceptional stallions available to Canadian breeders it's always difficult to decide which stallion will pair best with each mare, but we chose stallions who we believe will compliment our mares to produce exceptional dressage horses! For Quater Twist WSH (Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir) we chose Benicio (Belissimo M).  This should produce a solid, leggy, big moving foal.  The foal should finish around 17h, will be chestnut (fingers crossed for liver, both parents are liver chestnut), and will also likely be colourful!  The foal is being carried by a recipient mare Gracie who is very sweet natured and kind. Quater Twist will continue her performance career.  For Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) we chose Cadeau Noir (Christ/De Niro) who should add some more freedom of shoulder and an active hind end.  The foal should finish around 16.2-17h, and will be bay or black (Cadeau Noir is homozygous dark).  For Godiva WSH (Glorioso Noir/Ehrentusch) we chose Von und Zu (Vitalis/Floriscount) the young and upcoming stallion with a stacked pedigree! Von und Zu shows an open front end, active hind end, and in a refined and compact package. We are hoping Von und Zu will refine, but time will tell!  The foal will hopefully be in the 16.2-17h range, but could be larger because of Godiva's substantial size, and could be any colour.  All mares and stallions are tested and not carriers for WFFS. For more information and photos of our Hanoverian broodmares, please take a look at our page dedicated to them. If you're interested in one of our 2022 foals, please contact us.  We have the Quater Twist WSH/Benicio colt option only foal available, and depending on how many colts vs fillies are born, we may have one of the other two available!

           Cadeau Noir


                                                   Von und Zu

Sept 1/21

Secret Rendezvous WSH was presented for her Hanoverian inspection with her recipient mother Gala, who calmly showed her off around the ring.  She was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal foal, with many compliments from the judges about her femininity, type, and her quality gaits. This filly is by Secret, and out of Quater Twist WSH (Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir) through a lovely recipient mare.  Secret Rendezvous is a carbon copy of her mother Quater Twist in frame, gaits, and type. Quater Twist is continuing her training under saddle while producing quality foals through embryo transfers.  She has a foal by Benicio coming in 2022 through a recipient mare.

Aug 15/21

Our Premium Hanoverian mare Quater Twist WSH made her dressage debut this year under the talented Inga Hamilton, and she did not disappoint!  Quater Twist scored as high as 76.4% in her first weekend in the ring!! Q scored some 9s for her gaits, and even a perfect 10 for some of her trot work! Q had recently  returned to work under saddle after delivering her first foal in 2020. Q will continue on training and proving herself in competition, while producing some incredible foals for us through embryo transfer. Thank you to Inga Hamilton for doing such a beautiful job training and riding Q while we have been incredibly busy working in health care through the pandemic. Inga made Q's first experiences very positive with great results!

June 12/21

Our much anticipated foal for 2021 arrived on a beautiful summer day, outside in the early afternoon, with people and horses surrounding her.  The lovely recipient mare Gala delivered Quater Twists' filly by Secret and is an incredible mom to the filly Secret Rendezvous WSH. This new filly did not disappoint, she is a gorgeous filly who looks so much like her dam Quater Twist. See the video of her birth below if you're interested in watching a foal born. 

Feb 15/21
We are very excited to announce that we have an exceptional foal coming for 2021, by Secret out of our Premium Hanoverian mare Quater Twist WSH!  This is a full sibling to our 2020 foal Sotto Voce WSH, but this time we have done an embryo transfer with Quater Twist so that she can pursue her career as a show horse!  She has proven herself as an exceptional mother, foaled her first big colt easily, and has now met all the requirements of her Premium Status with the Hanoverian Verband. This foal will be available for sale to an exceptional home, and will make a top quality FEI dressage horse.  If you're interested in this foal, please let us know, we are willing to sell in utero but are also happy to wait and see what we have! The foal is due to arrive in June by the recipient mare, and we can't wait to meet him or her!!

Aug 29/19

Day 2 of the Parkwood inspections was all about the foals!  We brought Quidditch WSH (Quaterhall/Wellesley/Rotspon) and wow were there a lot of fantastic foals!! There were 28 foals entered, 24 of those were dressage foals!! We were fortunate that our boy decided to perform and show his talent, and the judges commented he was the best moving foal of the day!  Comments included he had a relaxed and supple quality walk, uphill trot through his body, and correct legs and gaits.  Quidditch WSH won the top scoring foal and top dressage foal title!!  He won Champion foal and received his Gold Medal Foal award as well. We couldn't be more proud with how Quidditch handled himself in the new environment and the presence he carried in the ring. Quidditch was sold in utero to an FEI rider who plans to take him to his full potential!  Quidditch's dam Wruby is in foal to Belissimo M for a 2020 foal.  Wruby has been an excellent addition to our program and all 3 foals she's had with us have been exceptional quality and top foals at inspections.  Her Belissimo M foal is available for sale in utero, please contact us for more details. 

Aug 28/19

We brought our mare Quater Twist WSH to Parkwood Stables in Rockwood Ontario for her mare performance test and the mare show with excellent results!  She rose to the challenge and performed beautifully with Billie Boylen riding.  She had fantastic scores and high praise from the judges Dr Ludwig Christmann from Germany, Sandy Hunt from USA, Ursula Hosking and Greta Haupt from Canada. Comments included that Quater Twist is what breeders should be aiming for in a dressage horse, an excellent type, long legged, elegant with a good neck set, correct legs, excellent walk and very good canter.  She received her Premium candidate status and won the mare show!! I've known from the minute she was born that she was a special mare and couldn't be happier with how she performed. We are excited that Quater Twist WSH is also in foal to the exciting stallion Secret for next year, and hopefully that means she will complete her requirements for Premium mare.  This incredible foal has a dressage stacked pedigree including Sezuan, Zack, Don Schufro, Quaterback, Donnerhall, Rotspon, Sandro Hit, and Glorioso Noir.  Quater Twist/Secret foal is available for sale in utero, contact us for details. 

Paige Howe also brought her mare Forget Me Not WSH (For Edition/Glorioso Noir) who is a 5 year old mare who we also bred, and sold as a 2 year old to Paige. She did a beautiful job particularly in the jump chute and also received her Premium mare candidate status!! Congratulations Paige!!

Aug 25/19

Godiva WSH made her 3rd level debut this summer and had a successful first couple of outings.  She has come a long way and always puts forth a great effort.  She won 3 out of the 4 national level classes she entered with very good comments from the judges.  Godiva is a mare with a lot of presence and a big heart, we are proud of her progress! Godiva WSH is by Glorioso Noir/Ehrentusch.  Look out for her next summer in the ring and perhaps even as an embryo donor!! If you think you might be interested in a foal from Godiva, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the possibility, we already have some great stallions in mind!!

Nov 10/18

Quater Twist WSH did us proud at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!  She competed against an exceptional group of 3 year old horses and handled it like a pro!  She strutted her stuff and placed 6th in the Lieutenant Governors Class, with many compliments from auditors and fellow competitors.  This special girl will be retained by us to continue her under saddle training as a dressage horse and future broodmare.  She will have a well deserved vacation over the winter to continue to grow and develop!  This lady is still quite growthy, and at 17h already she needs more time to fill out, we expect her to be something really special with more time! 

Oct 7/18

Our 3 year old mare Quater Twist WSH by Quaterhall/Glorioso Noir has officially qualified to compete in both the Governor Generals and Lieutenant Governors Cup Classes at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!  We are very proud of this mare and how well she has handled herself throughout the qualifying process.  She has a fantastic temperament and super rideability for such a young horse with only a few months time under saddle. She was up against some exceptional young horses and did a great job.  Special thank you to Garry Roque for handling her in the Governor Generals class qualifier.  If you're heading down to the Royal on Nov 9th or 10th please feel free to visit us there and meet Q in person! 

Sept 5/18

We went to the Hanoverian inspections last week at Parkwood Stables and we were so happy with how both boys behaved!  The judges had a lot of nice compliments on our foals movement and behaviour.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful venue, thank you to Parkwood Stables for hosting such a lovely inspection! 

June 13/18

Our second Quaterhall foal has arrived!  In typical Gold Digger fashion she likes to deliver very early, at just 313 days pregnant!  Gold Digger (Glorioso Noir/Merlin) delivered a flashy and absolutely huge colt!  We are grateful he is healthy and happy, he is such an outgoing guy who already loves attention!  This little man is available for sale, please inquire if interested. 

May 15/18

Our first Quaterhall foal has arrived!  This boy is quite the looker, and such a sweet temperament! Our mare Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) delivered him at 354 days pregnant!  He was fully cooked and ready to see the world at birth, such a strong boy who was up and nursing by 1.5 hours old.  We are so happy he is healthy and correct, as is his new owner who purchased him in utero.  Congratulations to his new owner, an amateur dressage rider who has competed to PSG and was looking for her next partner to bring along.

December 20/17

We are very excited to announce that we are expecting 2 exciting foals by Quaterhall in 2018!  Our mare Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) and our mare Gold Digger (Glorioso Noir/Merlin) are both in foal to the outstanding stallion Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall).  We have had 3 foals by Quaterhall and have been extremely impressed with them, the 2 presented to Hanoverian inspections have both made the top dressage foal call back ring.  This is the 4th combination of Gold Digger with Quaterhall, below are photos of the 3 previous combinations. Our 2017 Quaterhall/Gold Digger filly was purchased by a professional FEI dressage rider in the USA.  Gold Digger is due mid June 2018. This is Wruby's second foal, first time combined with Quaterhall.  Her first foal by Sagnol (Sandro Hit/Landadel) made the prestigious call back ring for top bred dressage foal, so we have great hopes for a quality foal from this combination.  Wruby is due mid April 2018. Our foals by Quaterhall have exceptional movement, with fantastic easy temperaments.  Both these foals will be for sale, inquire if interested in either of them, in utero sales will be considered. 

October 29/17

Gloria WSH and amateur owner Naomi Williams have been getting reacquainted after a couple of years apart and Gloria is really starting to come into herself.  Naomi took her to a dressage show on her own, and she loaded easily, warmed up well, and handled herself in the ring calmly and quietly.  They ended up winning the first level test 1 class with a score over 65%, and second place in the first level test 2 class with several rider errors (yes, several!!!).  We could not be more happy with how Gloria is handling herself away from home.

September 3/17

What a great day at the Parkwood Hanoverian inspection! Our foal Quater Karat by Quaterhall out of Gold Digger made the top 5 dressage and hunter foal call back, and was awarded 3rd place dressage foal and also recognized as a top hunter prospect in a large group of lovely foals! It was interesting taking a newly weaned foal to inspection, but our retired mare Eclipse stepped up and brought her through the whole process in a calm, confident and loving way.  She has been treating Kara as if she is her own foal.   

June 3/17

Our lovely mare Gold Digger has delivered her foal by Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall)!  This filly is a big girl, healthy, correct and such a beautiful uphill mover! We are always relieved when our mares foal out safely and the foals are healthy and robust, we have been very fortunate this year to have both our mares safely delivered! 

May 3/17

We love having our foals stay with us while they grow up!  This is "Fancy This" a 2015 filly by Fabregas/Hilton GS/Wellington II, sold to a professional Grand Prix dressage rider in the USA.  She will be heading to her new home this fall to be backed and start her dressage career!!  It is so great to see them develop while they stay with us!  This filly's full sister is available for sale, take a look at "Forastero" in the horses for sale page.

May 3/17

Below is Sebienne by Sagnol (Sandro Hit) out of Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) who is a 2016 Rhineland filly.  She was purchased in utero by a lovely dressage home in California.  Sebienne has also been staying with us while she grows up!  This filly has such a fantastic temperament and gorgeous movement, she placed very well at her foal inspection in a large group of impressive foals last fall, she is the whole package!! 

Apr 17/17

Our first of two foals has arrived!! We are so thrilled with this little man out of Cadbury by Aloha!  This much anticipated foal was everything we hoped for and more!  Cadbury is very relieved her pregnancy is done as this boy was big!  "Artwork" sold at just 6 days old to a wonderful family who plan to show him as a hunter at national shows, and we couldn't be happier that he went to such a loving show home! 

Mar 5/17

Godiva WSH with amateur owner Naomi Williams took part in a clinic with Justin Ridgewell and learned a lot while preparing Godiva for 3rd level.  Godiva had a very successful show season last year at 2nd level and is preparing to move up.  Thanks to Justin for the great advice and tips!

Nov 10/16

Exciting news for us at Williams Sport Horses!  We have 2 mares in foal for next spring.  We love the cross of our mare Gold Digger to Quaterhall so we have repeated it, and our second mare Cadbury is in foal to Aloha.  The Cadbury/Aloha foal is available for sale in utero, please inquire if you are interested.  

Sept 30/16

Weaning time!  The foals are officially weaned and being looked after by our retired broodmare Eclipse who just adores the babies!  Weaning is always a stressful time, but the foals have managed well with Eclipse looking after them.  

Sept 19/16

Gloria WSH is coming along beautifully and starting to really show her dressage abilities!  She is a 5 year old Hanoverian mare who is in her first year of showing dressage, with scores as high as 68% last weekend.  Cali Radbourne of Cali Radbourne Equestrian Services has been doing a fantastic job getting her ready for the show ring. 

Sept 6/16

We had a very exciting day at Parkwood Stables Hanoverian inspection with our mare Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) and her filly Sebienne by Sagnol.  Sebienne made the call back of the top 5 foals out of a very large and beautiful group of over 20 foals.  The judges were very kind and commented that they loved her trot and how she uses her entire body when trotting, her feminine type and big eye, good conformation, long legs and good walk.  She ended up placing 3rd of the dressage foals behind some very impressive Fabregas foals.  Congratulations to all the breeders on presenting some exceptional foals.  Congratulations also to Sebiennes new owners, they purchased this filly in utero and are a fabulous dressage home for this special filly! 

Aug 21/16

6 year old Godiva WSH qualified for provincial championships, and competed well in spite of some serious pilot errors! She finished Reserve Champion of second level.  Thanks to the Ontario Equestrian Federation for sponsoring the division and Caledon Dressage for putting on a fantastic, organized and fun series! 

July 24/16

Our first bred mare Godiva WSH made her Gold Second Level dressage debut as a 6 year old at the Caledon Equestrian Park.  Godiva rose to the occasion and showed her maturity, temperament and movement despite the excessive heat warnings all weekend (40 degrees Celsius, for our American friends that's 104 degrees Fahrenheit!) and overwhelming new environment for her.  We couldn't be more proud of this mare and her work ethic.  She won a class and finished Reserve Champion for the weekend in a very competitive group! Godiva is by Glorioso Noir out of our foundation mare Eclipse (Ehrentusch), pictured below in travers and lengthened trot.

June 12/16

Our final foal for the year has arrived safely!  We couldn't be more thrilled with this gorgeous colt by Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall) out of Gold Digger (Glorioso Noir/Merlin)!  He is a big bodied boy with a lot of bone, beautiful uphill movement, and a ton of chrome as a bonus! The future for this boy is very bright, we expect this colt to be an FEI dressage star.  

June 8/16

We are very happy with how the foals are developing so far this year!  Pictured here is 5 week old Fabregas/Cadbury filly and 4 week old Sagnol/Wruby filly.  These filly's are full of life!



June 5/16

5 year old Gloria WSH made her Gold Dressage debute with Cali Radbourne this weekend in the Training Open division, with great results .  They finished reserve champion in the division with very consistent scores.  This was Gloria's first time showing at the Caledon Equestrian Park in Palgrave, so we are thrilled with the results at such a big venue, with many distractions around! Special thanks to Cali for doing such a wonderful job riding and presenting her.  Gloria is available for sale, inquire if you're looking for a young dressage horse! 

May 1/16

Our second foal of the year has arrived!  She was a couple of weeks late, and a very difficult delivery for her maiden mother Wruby, but is a powerful and big moving filly. This filly is by Sagnol (Sandro Hit) out of Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) and unfortunately they spent the first week in hospital, with Wruby recovering from the traumatic birth.  They are both now home safe and sound, with a clean bill of health!  Thanks to Dr Patrick Hearn and the wonderful team at Milton Equine for the extraordinary care she received.   


Apr 23/16

We are thrilled that our 2016 foal out of Cadbury by Fabregas has arrived safely!  Both mom and baby are doing very well, with an early but otherwise uneventful foaling.  Cadbury is being a super mom, and the little filly is strong and healthy! With 2 more foals to come this season this has been a fantastic start!


Apr 4/16

Rising 5 year old Gloria WSH is now in professional training with Cali Radbourne and getting ready for her dressage debut in the summer of 2016.  Cali took Gloria to a bronze show for some experience, and had a successful outing.  Gloria got a lot of great life experience, and even placed 2nd in one of her classes in the open division.  Rising 6 year old Godiva WSH also went, ridden by Naomi Williams and won her first class, and placed second in the second class, finishing reserve Champion in the second level open division for the weekend.  There is still a lot of preparation to be done for this upcoming show season, but we are very pleased with how the ladies did on their first outing this year. Pictured below is Gloria WSH and Cali Radbourne.


Nov 1/15

We are very proud of our first bred mare Godiva WSH.  She is a 5 year old Hanoverian mare by Glorioso Noir/Ehrentusch who was season Champion in the Caledon Dressage series, ridden by amateur owner Naomi Williams. This mare won multiple classes through the season, and scored as high as 70% in First Level, and as a result also earned her bronze medal at First Level with Dressage Canada.  We are excited about the future for this lovely amateur friendly mare. Many thanks to Inga Hamilton for her coaching throughout the season, it most certainly would not have been possible if it wasn't for her expertise. Thanks to Bahr Saddlery for the beautiful cooler!

Sept 15/15

What a great breeding season we had!  All 3 mares that we bred have been confirmed in foal.  We loved both foals we produced in 2015, so repeated the combinations for 2016, and now have Wruby/Wellesley out of a Rotspon mare to add to our broodmare line up.  Wruby (Wellesley/Rotspon) is due first in mid April 2016, and we crossed her to Sagnol (Sandro Hit/La Belle) for a top dressage prospect.  Next Cadbury (Hilton/Wellington II) is due late April 2016 and she is in foal to Fabregas (Florencio I/De Niro) for a full sibling to her 2015 foal Fancy This.  Last we have Gold Digger (Glorioso Noir/Merlin) due mid June 2016 in foal to Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall) for a full sibling to her 2015 filly Quater Twist. 


Wruby's foal will be dark in colour, bay or black, and is available for sale in utero.  If you're interested in her foal please contact us.


Cadbury's foal can be either bay or chestnut.  Cadbury was passes on fantastic uphill gaits and lovely conformation, which is sure to result in a top dressage star.  Her foal is available for sale in utero, please contact us if you're interested in purchasing in utero. 

Gold Digger/Quaterhall:

Gold Digger foal will be chestnut, and is a full sibling to this years filly Quater Twist.  This filly has exceptional elastic movement and is as flashy as anyone could hope for.  Take a look below at a few pictures of Quater Twist, this foal is available for sale in utero.   

Aug 30/15

We are thrilled with the results from the Canadian Hanoverian inspection we attended with 2 mares and 1 foal this weekend.   Our very own Gloria WSH by Glorioso Noir out of Monika/Merlin was approved for breeding with compliments on her big movement.  Wruby by Wellesley out of a mare by Rotspon was also approved for breeding with compliments on her type, pretty head and elastic movement.  Our foal Quater Twist by Quaterhall out of Gold Digger/Glorioso Noir received top marks and made the call back ring for top dressage foals.  We couldn't be happier with the weekend and results.

Gloria WSH:


Quater Twist:

May 23/15

Our second Hanoverian foal has arrived!  We are very excited to announce the birth of "Quater Twist" by Quaterhall, out of Gold Digger. One look at this little one's face and her name jumped out at us. This beautiful filly is tall with exceptional movement and has all the chrome you could hope for! With a pedigree including Quaterback and Donnerhall, we expect great things from this lovely filly!

April 20/15

Welcome to the world pretty little filly!  Our lovely Canadian Warmblood mare Cadbury (Hilton/Wellington II) delivered a gorgeous filly by the fantastic dressage stallion Fabregas(Florencio I/De Niro).  Pictured here at just 3 days old, this filly shows a great topline, correct conformation and uphill elastic movement. 

November 15/14

Our very own Gloria WSH finished 3rd in the Lieutenant Governors Cup Class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!  What an accomplishment for this beautiful mare who was up against a very competitive group of 22 of the top qualified sport horse prospects! We couldn't be more thrilled with Gloria's results and her behavior while showing at the Royal, a very overwhelming environment for such a young horse, but she handled it like a pro.  Gloria is available for sale, take a look at our horses for sale for more information on this lovely mare.


October 19/14

We were very excited to find out that our first bred foal Godiva WSH was season Champion of the Caledon Dressage Silver Series as a 4 year old, with scores up to 75.5%, and winning 9/10 classes she entered! We are extremely happy with Godiva's achievements, temperament and ridability, and look forward to moving her up after this winters training.  Special thank you to Inga Hamilton for coaching this season, her keen eye and knowledge of starting youngsters has truly made the process fun and easy for Godiva.  Thanks to Caledon Dressage for always running such beautiful events, having great staff and wonderful prizes.  What a great show season!


October 12/14 

What a beautiful fall day for taking pictures of this years foals!  It's hard to believe the foals are already 4.5 and 5 months old, and it reminds us that next years foals are not that far away. Pictured below is the lovely chestnut filly Forget Me Not by For Edition out of Gold Digger by Glorioso Noir, and the handsome dark bay colt by Don Frederico out of Eclipse by Ehrentusch.  We are very excited about next years foals, Gold Digger is in foal to Quaterhall, and Cadbury is in foal to Fabregas. 


October 6/14

Gloria WSH was perfectly behaved at the second cup class qualifier and qualified to compete in the Lieutenant Governors Cup Class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We are so proud of Gloria and are looking forward to showing her at the Royal!

September 14/14

Mr Marvelous our 4 year old hunter prospect had a fantastic first year showing! Not only did he qualify for the provincial Trillium championships in the hack division against a large group of competitive horses with a lot of show experience, but he placed 2nd in the Road hack, 2nd in the Show Hack, and 5th in the Pleausure Hack against 33 of Ontario's top horses.  We couldn't be more proud of Mr Marvelous, he showed consistent results throughout the season and became a seasoned show horse very quickly. Marv is available for sale, but is being prepared for his debut on the A circuit next season over fences.



September 4/14

We are thrilled to announce that Godiva WSH, Williams Sport Horses first bred foal, completed her performance test for the Hanoverian Society, and met all the requirements to be approved for breeding. Godiva will continue her career as a dressage horse for the time being.

June 9/14

Both of our four year old horses had great first shows this season.  Godiva WSH won both her classes in a training level silver show with very positive feedback from the judges.  Mr Marvelous won his first class in the hack division at a trillium show, with remarks from the judge about his gorgeous movement.  We are very proud of both our youngsters who showed great confidence, calm attitudes, and perfect behaviour at their first outings.  Mr Marvelous is offered for sale, please see our sales page for more info.

June 1/14

Both of our 2014 foals have now arrived healthy and happy!  We are thrilled with the results of our crosses with German based Hanoverian stallions Don Frederico and For Edition.  Our colt by Don Frederico is offered for sale, please see our sales page for more info. 


February 18/14

We are very excited to announce our stallion selections for this year.  We chose German Hanoverian stallions that will bring out the best qualities of our mares, as we strive to produce top Hanoverian athletes bred for the competition ring. Quaterhall, Fabregas and Dancier are exceptional stallions that will compliment our mares to produce upper level prospects.




November 9/13

Mr Marvelous had a great day at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and placed 4th in a very competitive group of horses in the Lieutenant Governor General's Cup class!  Marv did a wonderful job and has a bright future in the show ring.


October 6/13

Mr Marvelous our 2010 Trakehner gelding has qualified for the Lieutenant Governor General's Cup class, held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! He placed 5th and 7th in the two qualifiers in a very competitive group of horses! 


August 8/13

We are thrilled to announce that both of our mares are in foal to German based Hanoverian stallions for 2014 foals.  Eclipse by Ehrentusch is back in foal to Don Frederico for a May 2014 foal, and Gold Digger by Glorioso Noir is back in foal to For Edition for a June 2014 foal.  Both foals will be registered and branded Hanoverians.  We are excited about these combinations that should bring out the best of our mares, with fantastic pedigrees, destined for success.  Don Frederico is legendary and known for passing on his outstanding movement, he was named Hanoverian stallion of the year in 2012 because of the great success of his offspring.  For Edition is unfortunately no longer being shipped into Canada so this may be our last foal of that combination.  For Fremont was our 2012 foal from this combination, take a look at our sold horses page for photos of this beautiful boy.

June 2/13


Our lovely colt by Don Frederico out of Eclipse by Ehrentusch is looking fantastic, with his uphill movement and remarkable topline, this handsome boy is sure to be a star in the dressage ring!  Pictured here at 6 weeks old.

April 17/13

Eclipse by Ehrentusch has delivered a gorgeous colt by Don Frederico!  We are thrilled with this cross resulting in an outstanding colt who is a light uphill mover, with a beautiful head and neck, conformationally correct, and a lovely personality.  He is offered for sale, inquire if interested.

March 8/13

Welcome to the world Galileo!  Monika by Merlin has delivered a lovely colt by Glorioso Noir.  This boy was taking his time to see the world, and Monika is very relieved. Galileo is happily bouncing around enjoying life!  He is offered for sale, inquire if interested. 

November 10/12

Don Frederico has been named 2012 Hanoverian Stallion of the year by the German Hanoverian Verband!  Don Frederico has been a very successful sire of many international sport horses, and has an impressive 25 licensed son's, and 178 state premium mare daughters.  We are very fortunate to have our imported Hanoverian mare Eclipse by Ehrentusch in foal to Don Frederico for an April 2013 foal!  This foal is available for sale in utero, colt option only, inquire if interested.


Here is a link to the Hanoverian Verband's article about Don Frederico;  http://www.hannoveraner.com/4211.html 

September 20/12


Our 2012 Hanoverian foal by For Editon out of Gold Digger went to the Canadian Hanoverian Society inspection at Parkwood Stables.  For Fremont received very positive comments from the judges and a score of 8 for movement, and 7.5 for type. Fremont is available for sale to a show home, please inquired if interested. 

July 31/12

We are extremely excited to announce that 2 of our broodmares are now confirmed in foal for 2013!  Monika by Merlin is back in foal to Glorioso Noir as this combination has produced such outstanding foals.  Eclipse by Ehrentusch is confirmed in foal to Don Frederico and should produce an exceptional upper level dressage prospect. 


Monika is available for sale in foal, or can be purchased without her 2013 foal if interested.  Eclipse's foal is also available for sale in utero at a reduced price, colt option only, live foal guarantee. Payment plans are available. 

May 15/12

One of our Hanoverian broodmares Gold Digger delivered a beautiful, correct and flashy colt by the German Hanoverian stallion For Edition.  This boy will make a wonderful upper level dressage or jumper prospect with his exceptional bloodlines.  His sire For Edition was the convincing winner of the 2003 performance test at Adelheidsdorf.  For Edition was second in the jumping component with a jumping index of 134, and third overall in the dressage component with a dressage index of 132.  This combined gave him the lead with a total index of 147.8, a massive eight points ahead of the second horse.  He is known for his refining influence and produces superior athletes.

May 11/12

Come meet Karen Theimer RMT in person at the Blue Star Farm bronze dressage show on May 20, 2012! She will have a booth and be available to discuss how she can help you improve your riding and posture, and demonstrate some of her techniques and treatment options.  See our page Rider Massage Therapy for more information on how Karen can help your riding!

October 20/11

We are thrilled to have purchased a new mare, Cadbury.  Cadbury is by Hilton, and her dam sire is Wellington II.  This mare is an exceptional mover, look out for her in the dressage ring in 2012!

August 30/11

Our 2011 foals were inspected and branded during the Canadian Hanoverian Society tour, both foals are now registered and branded. See our 2011 Hanoverians for sale page for more photos and information on these lovely prospects.


August 26/11

Congratulations to Camille Roylance and Farclo Lancelot! Camille and Lance won the North American Sport Pony Star Search hunter suitability class to qualify to compete at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!  Camille has been paired up with Lance for 2 months, and this is only her first full year competing!































August 16/11

Congratulations to Maggie Duffy and Farclo Lancelot!  This beautiful pair won a sixth place ribbon competing at the CNE in a very competitive sport pony class with over 30 competitors!  Maggie had only riden Lance 4 times before the show and did a fantastic job with Lance! 


































August 14/11

We are excited to announce that two of our broodmares are confirmed in foal for 2012! Our 2012 foals are sure to be exceptional by two phenomenal European sire's, Don Frederico, and For Edition. If you're interested in the in-utero purchase of either of these foals, we offer a live foal guarantee, and payment plans, inquire for details. 


July 31/11

Congratulations to Cassie Gourley who purchased Luke from Williams Sport Horses in the fall of 2010.  After the winter of training, Cassie has taken Luke to several events already, and recently upgraded to Pre-Training with Luke who was a very green but enthusiastic jumper.  We wish you continued success Cassie and Luke!


May 29/11

On May 29 Teya and Maggie competed at Foxhunter and won 2 classes!  Maggie was purchased from Williams Sport Horses in the summer of 2010, and after a winter of working together, they made their debut performance and won 2 classes.  Congratulations to Teya and Maggie on their first show together, all the hard work paid off, well done!!!

Massage Therapy and the rider:

Come join us at Kaiser Stud on April 24/11 at 10 a.m!  Karen Thiemer is a registered massage therapist who will be doing a demonstration with Naomi Williams on how massage therapy can correct posture and how the rider's position can effect the horse's performance.  Karen will be trying to correct 15 years of bad posture on Naomi!!   Karen is a massage therapist and also a rider who specializes in how riders effect their horses, and what can be done to try to improve the connection allowing the horse to perform at it's best.  Karen will video tape the rider to evaluate posture and determine what the source of any issues are, then do a treatment on the rider to address any problems she finds, and repeat the video tape to see the difference the treatment has made.  Everyone is welcome to come watch what Karen does, and can meet her in person to ask any questions they may have.  Karen works out of Aurora but travels to farms to evaluate riders and their horses.  If you would like to contact Karen directly, she can be reached by e-mail at karen.slater@rogers.com or by phone at 905-713-2138.  Directions to Kaiser Stud can be found at http://www.kaiserstud.com/

Harvest Moon went to Carson's Stallion Parade on March 19/11.  The parade was very well organized with many quality stallions there, what a great day!


Harvest Moon is going to Carson's Stallion Parade!

Harvest Moon will be heading to the Carson's horse auction on March 19, 2011 for the stallion parade.  Feel free to come by his stall to meet him in person and ask any question you may have about our fantastic stallion. He was recently registered with the American Appendix Horse Association, so his foals are now eligible for registration if he is bred to Quarter horse mares.

Espresso is in foal!

Thank you to Kirsten Kaiser of Kaiser Stud for her expertise and experience with aged and problem mare breeding.  Espresso is a 22 year old Hanoverian, and we are delighted to announce that she is confirmed 70 days in foal to Glorioso Noir.  We can't wait to see this foal!  Kaiser Stud has an aged and problem mare breeding offer, for more info contact Kirsten Kaiser at;
705-458-4773 Kirsten
4583 15th Line, (Victoria St W), Cookstown, L0L 1L0

April 2010:  WSH is proud to present Godiva WSH, by Glorioso Noir, out of Eclipse, born April 2010.  We are so pleased with this foal that Eclipse has been bred back to Glorioso Noir for a July 2011 foal.

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