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Our broodmares are a wonderful group of mares. We breed for amateur friendly temperaments with exceptional pedigrees and movement.  Our mares enjoy large paddock turn out and a leisurely life together, while receiving the best feed and care to ensure healthy mares and safe foal development.  All of our foals are handled daily from birth, receive their vaccinations and deworming, and are evaluated shortly after birth by a farrier who specializes in foal growth and development. We want our foals and young horses to be easy to handle by their new families, so we ensure constant handling, picking up feet, grooming, learning to tie and/or cross tie, trailer loading, and handling by vets/farriers. While still with their mothers we regularly stable them overnight, and after they're weaned we continue to stable them overnight until they are yearlings to ensure they are comfortable in stalls. We try and make the weaning process easier by having the mares and foals in paddocks beside each other, so they can see each other over the fence during weaning, and have found this reduces the stress and anxiety for all of them.  We have had many happy customers who have reported to us how easily their youngster has adapted to their new environment and routine.   

                                        Quater Twist WSH

Quater Twist WSH or "Q" as she's known around the farm, is a beautiful 2015 mare by Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall) out of Gold Digger (Glorioso Noir).  This mare was bred by Williams Sport Horses, and was retained for both breeding and competition purposes. We knew that Q was special as soon as she was born, and she has lived up to all our hopes.  She is a gorgeous 17h liver chestnut, with some very unique markings, including an interesting marking on her neck and 2 small belly spots, 4 tall socks and a twisted blaze.  As a 3 year old Q was started lightly and qualified and successfully competed at the prestigious Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  She was then given a well deserved rest and given the winter off to continue growing and maturing.  As a 4 year old Q was presented to the Hanoverian Verband for inspection, and won the mare show and dressage phase of the performance test, earning top marks and her premium mare candidate.  She was then bred to the impressive stallion Secret and as a 5 year old delivered her first foal, and fulfilled her Premium Mare status.  Q was then bred back to Secret and an embryo transfer was performed so that she could start her career as a show horse.  As a 6 year Q was started in professional training and at her first dressage show with only a few months of training she scored a 76.3% and 73.4%, with 9s for her collective gaits and walk, and even a perfect 10 for some of her trot work. She finished Reserve Champion in the open national level series, with all her scores counting towards the championship, as she only competed in the minimum number of classes. A recipient mare delivered an incredible foal by Secret who was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal Foal through the Hanoverian Verband, and Q will continue in her training and to produce foals by embryo transfer.  In 2022 Q had a foal coming by Benicio, with the recipient mare due May 2022.  The resulting foal was also awarded Gold Medal Foal through the Hanoverian Verband and also won one of the top 10 Hanoverian foals in Canada, the prestigious Albert Kley Award!  Q has an excellent track record of producing incredible foals!  

Q's first foal by Secret, a black colt.  This was the year that Covid-19 hit and there were no Hanoverian inspections to attend. 

     Q's second foal by Secret, out of recipient mare Gala, a chestnut filly who received a Gold Medal foal award from the Hanoverian Verband

Q's 3rd foal, Beyond Question WSH a colt by Benicio, carried by a recipient mare Gracie.  Beyond Question WSH was awarded Gold Medal foal and won the Albert Kley top 10 foals in Canada award by the Hanoverian Verband. 


Wruby has been an exceptional producer for us for many years!  She is a 2009 16.2h liver chestnut Hanoverian mare by Wellesley out of an elite Hanoverian mare by Rotspon/Federalist.  She has a lot of suspension, a beautiful elastic trot, and an active hind end.  Wruby is typey and athletic, with a gorgeous head, and sweet easy personality.  She is approved for breeding with the Hanoverian Verband.  Wruby delivered her first foal in May 2016 who is a gorgeous filly by Sagnol (Sandro Hit/LaBelle), big bodied but elegant foal who has been sold to a dressage home in California.  Wruby's first foal made the prestigious call back ring for top dressage foals at her large inspection, placing 3rd in a group of over 25 foals. Wruby's 2019 Quaterhall foal won the dressage phase of his foal inspection in a large group of 28 foals, and was awarded Gold Medal foal and the Albert Kley top 10 in Canada foal award! Wruby is in foal to Cadeau Noir for a late June 2022 foal.

Wruby's first foal by Sagnol (Sandro Hit/La Belle) a 2016 filly!

Pictured with her owner as a 3 year old, newly started under saddle.  This gorgeous filly has continued to prove her talents, she is the West Coast USDF materiale champion and the 3 year old prospect award with an 81% in the materials and scores of 80% in hand!  

Wruby's 2018 colt by Quaterhall sold to an amateur dressage rider. This boy had many compliments at inspection by the judges.  He is quite the looker, with excellent gaits and a fantastic easy disposition.   

Wruby's 2019 colt by Quaterhall sold to an FEI dressage rider.  This boy was selected by Dr Ludwig Christmann as the top foal at his large 28 foal Hanoverian inspection, winning the top dressage foal and top scoring foal at the inspection.  Dr Christmann commented that Quidditch WSH was the best moving foal at the inspection and was awarded the title Gold Medal Foal and won the Albert Kley top 10 Hanoverian foals in Canada award. 

Wruby's 2020 foal by Belissimo M. Unfortunately there were no 2020 inspections to present this beautiful filly. She is an excellent mover, with a beautiful feminine look.  She was purchased by an adult amateur rider who is looking forward to competing her as a dressage horse.

Wruby's 2022 filly by Cadeau Noir, attended inspections and had many compliments about her exceptional movement.  Williams Sport Horses has retained this filly for future breeding and sport purposes. 

Godiva WSH

Godiva WSH is a 2010 mare that was the first horse bred by Williams Sport Horses. She is out of our retired mare Eclipse by Ehrentusch, and by Glorioso Noir.  Godiva has been ridden by Naomi Williams, an adult amateur rider throughout her life and has been competed successfully to 3rd level so far with scores at national competitions into the mid 60s, and is schooling PSG movements.  She has been Champion many times throughout her sport career while moving up the levels. She has an incredible workmanlike attitude towards training, excellent rideability, and despite her size she has shown a great ability to collect for the upper level movements. Godiva is a big lady, 17.2 h and big bodied, Hanoverian and approved for breeding by the Verband.  She has been sound her whole life with a good amount of bone, strong excellent feet and correct limbs. She is an "older style" mare which is why we chose to breed her for her first foal to Von und Zu, who boasts Vitalis and Floriscount in his pedigree.  He is a smaller in stature horse and the F line is known for its refinement.  Vitalis is a very modern stallion as well, so we hope this combination will produce a more refined horse with a kick of blood.  Godiva's first foal is due June 2022, and will be available for sale only if it is a colt.   

Godiva's handsome first foal by Von und Zu, a colt, Verkade WSH! And he is everything we hoped for.....except being a filly we could keep!! He is a handsome man, and is more refined than his dam, with a beautiful expression and face.  He has a very active hind end and 3 top quality gaits.

Eclipse- retired

Eclipse is our foundation mare, and what an exceptional mare and producer she has been for us! She is a solid 16.3h liver chestnut mare by the German dressage stallion Ehrentusch/Amor and was imported from Germany as a young horse.  Eclipse was started as a dressage horse in Germany and unfortunately sustained an injury that prevented her from competing.  This mare passes on her calm and quiet personality along with a fantastic work ethic, her foals are all sweet natured and easy to work with. Eclipse's sire Ehrentusch won his performance test with top results in all categores, proving the marvelous versitillity of this line.   Eclipse has had four lovely foals for us, Godiva WSH, Goldwyn WSH, Devon WSH and Don Quixote WSH, all show great talent for the dressage ring and have lovely easy dispositions.  Eclipse is approved for breeding by the Hanoverian Verband.  Eclipse has been retired and will live her days with us.  She is such a good mother that she will take on other mares foals and just loves the babies.  She is an irreplaceable mare who could easily be used as a surrogate, and who we routinely use at weaning time to make the weanlings more comfortable during their difficult transition.  She has taken other mares foals to inspections and looked after them as if they were her own, guiding them, protecting them, and being a strong leader to them making them relaxed and at ease. Pictured below is Eclipse with another mares foal at a Hanoverian inspection, guiding her through the process with a quiet kindness: 

Eclipse's foals: 

Avaia by Alabaster approved for breeding with the Hanoverian Verband broodmare owned by Shallow Brook Farms;

Godiva WSH 2010 mare by Glorioso Noir approved for breeding with the Hanoverian Verband.  In her first year competing as a 4 year old Godiva won 9/10 dressage classes she entered, and was season champion with scores as high as 75.5%.  As a 5 year old she was also season champion at first level, and as a 6 years old was second level season reserve champion! Godiva is currently showing at 3rd level and has won some classes, working towards 4th. Godiva WSH is being retained by Williams Sport Horses for sport and broodmare purposes. 

Goldwyn WSH 2011 gelding shown here as a yearling, sold to a fantastic amateur home, started easily by his amateur owner. 

Devon by Don Frederico 2013 colt, sold to a professional dressage rider: 
Don Quixote by Don Frederico 2014 gelding, available for sale:

Eclipse's sire, Ehrentusch:

Gold Digger

Gold Digger is a tall 17.2h Hanoverian mare by Glorioso Noir out of Monika by Merlin.  Gold Digger shows great free jumping form and natural talent, along with above average gaits.  She consistently produces foals that are correct, elegant, flashy and eye catching.  Her foals have sweet personalities and are very easy to work with and amateur friendly.  Gold Digger had a spectacular foals in 2015 and 2017 by Quaterhall, the 2015 one receiving high praise at her Hanoverian inspection with comments from the judges about her having one of the best trots of the day, and she made the call back ring for top dressage foals out of a large group of 20 foals. Her 2017 filly by Quaterhall also made both the call back ring for dressage and hunter suitability, placing 3rd in both in a large group of over 25 foals. She has had two foals for us by For Edition, For Fremont and Forget Me Not, and a few foals prior to her joining us.  Gold Digger is approved for breeding by the Hanoverian Verband.  Gold Digger is sold and will continue to produce some lovely foals for her new owner! 

Gold Diggers foals: 

Ecco KS by Escudo II 2009 gelding, showing his first year on the A circuit:
Echo free jumping as a 5 year old:

For Fremont by For Edition, 2012 gelding sold to a jumper in Alberta:

Forget Me Not by For Edition, 2014 mare sold to a fantastic jumper home in Ontario.  This mare recently was presented to the Hanoverian Society for mare approval and received excellent scores and received her Premium Status.

Quater Twist by Quaterhall, 2015 filly, being retained by Williams Sport Horses for sport and broodmare purposes.  Quater Twist went to her Hanoverian inspection and was Champion mare at her inspection!  Dr Ludwig Christmann commented that she is what breeders should be trying to produce in a dressage horse!  She scored a 9 for her walk, 8.5 for her canter and 8.5 for rideability.  Conformationally Dr Christmann commented on her elegant neck, correct legs and gaits, and that she is long legged and a feminine type.  She received her Premium mare status and finished champion mare. 

Quarterhall colt born in 2016, sadly this little man had to be humanely euthanized after a long battle with peritonitis.  This little man was such a sweetheart and we had big dreams for him as an upper level dressage horse.

Quater Karat "Kara" born in 2017 and sold to a professional USA FEI dressage rider. 

Quagmire 2018 colt by Quaterhall sold to an amateur dressage rider


Cadbury is a Canadian Warmblood by Hilton GS/Wellington II.  Cadbury is 16.2h and big bodied, with gorgeous uphill movement, a fantastic top line and powerful hind end, with a kind and gentle disposition.  Cadbury was presented to the Canadian Warmblood Association and scored top marks, earning her Premium status with many compliments on her conformation and type.  She had her first foal April 2015 by Fabregas, she has proven to pass on her lovely topline, type and movement.  Her 2015 filly who also scored top marks at her inspection.  We were so thrilled with the combination that we rebred her to Fabregas for a lovely 2016 filly.  Cadbury delivered a gorgeous foal by Aloha in April 2017, who sold to a national level hunter rider.  Cadbury has been sold and will continue to produce foals for her new owner. 

Cadbury's 2015 filly by Fabregas sold to a professional USA FEI dressage rider:

Cadbury's second foal at 2016 filly by Fabregas sold to an amateur dressage rider:  

Cadbury's 2017 colt by Aloha, named Artwork, sold to a national level hunter rider:


Monika is by Merlin/World Cup IV. She is a big bodied mare who consistently produces athletic foals who are beautiful and versatile. Monika is Hanoverian Verband approved for breeding and has produced three lovely foals for us.  The combination of Monika and Glorioso Noir was so successful that we repeated it, and are keeping her first of that combination for our breeding program, Gold Digger. Monika is sold and no longer part of our breeding program.

Merlin (Reg name Magic) was reserve champion at his performance test; ranked 1st in jumping, and 2nd in rideability. Merlin competed in the jumper ring by Grand Prix rider Chris Pratt.  Merlin produces horses with beautiful heads, classic looks and outstanding form over fences.  He is by all accounts a very versatile stallion, his offspring are suitable for dressage, hunter, show jumping or eventing.  Monika has been sold and will continue producing foals for her new owner. 

Monika's foals:

Gloria WSH by Glorioso Noir 2011 mare, placed 3rd in the prestigious Lieutenant Governer's Cup Class at the 2014 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and has since gone on to start her career as a dressage horse.  She is approved for breeding by the Hanoverian Verband, available for sale:

Galileo WSH 2013 colt by Glorioso Noir, sold to a jumper in Mexico:

Monika's sire Merlin:

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